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Journal website: Manuscript received: 8/6/2015 Facebook: /EPAAA Revisions received: 29/6/2016 Twitter: @epaa_aape Accepted: 5/7/2016 education policy analysis archives A peer-reviewed, independent, open access, multilingual journal Arizona State University Volume 24 Number 110 October 24, 2016 ISSN 1068-2341 Portrait of a Teach for All (TFA) Teacher: Media Narratives of the Universal TFA Teacher in 12 Countries Michelle Gautreaux & Sandra Delgado University of British Columbia Canada Citation: Gautreaux, M. & Delgado, S. (2016). Portrait of a Teach for All (TFA) teacher: Media narratives of the universal TFA teacher in 12 countries. education policy analysis archives , 24(110). Abstract: This article employs narrative analysis to examine how the media in 12 different countries characterize the Teach for All (TFA) teacher.

Education Policy Analysis Archives Vol. 24 No. 110 4 All’s support for and participation in corporate, market-based approaches to education reform globally can be seen in its “... reliance on the private sector to move teacher and educational policies,


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