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efin Trade+

USER MANUAL. efin Trade+. 1. Project Name : User Manual efin Trade Plus PC. Version : Date : 29/08/2017. Revision History C = Created A = Added M = Modified D = Deleted Date Started Date Finished Version CAMD Description Author 17/04/2015 30/04/2015 M User Manual efin Trade Plus PC Mr. Natthakit Y. 06/05/2015 06/05/2015 M User Manual efin Trade Plus PC Ms. Tanakarn T. 07/11/2016 14/11/2016 A, M Change Menu Sasinant J. 07/02/2017 07/02/2017 A Add Portfolio Management Sasinant J. 10/02/2017 14/02/2017 M User Manual efin Trade Plus PC Ms. Pailin W. 24/02/2017 24/02/2017 A Add Edit NAV Ms. Pailin W. 14/07/2017 14/07/2017 M New Portfolio Management Ms. Pailin W. 25/08/2017 29/08/2017 D, M Deleted Financial Grade and Ms. Kamolphan P. Beta Analysis 2..5..6. EFIN TRADE MY LIST EQUITY ( ) (HOTKEY: F2) ..11. MY LIST DERIVATIVE ( ) (HOTKEY: F2).

3 รู้จักโปรแกรมซือ้ขายหุ้นผ่านอินเตอร์เน็ต.....5




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