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EnglishGrammarFOURTH EDITIONB etty S. AzarStacy A. HagenFUNDAMENTALS 1/3/11 8:00 AM Page iCONTENTSvContentsPreface to the Fourth Edition .. xAcknowledgments .. xiiiChapter 1 PRESENT TIME .. 11-1 Simple present and present progressive .. 31-2 Forms of the simple present and the present progressive .. 41-3 Frequency adverbs .. 101-4 Singular/plural .. 131-5 Spelling of final -s/-es .. 141-6 Non-action verbs .. 171-7 Present verbs: short answers to yes/no questions .. 20 Chapter 2 PAST TIME .. 262-1 Expressing past time: the simple past .. 262-2 Spelling of -ingand -edforms .. 292-3 The principal parts of a verb .. 312-4 Common irregular verbs: a reference list .. 322-5 Regular verbs: pronunciation of -edendings.

English Grammar FOURTH EDITION Betty S. Azar Stacy A. Hagen FUNDAMENTALS OF A01_FEG_SB_9326_FM.QXD 1/3/11 8:00 AM Page i


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