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Evaluating Pension/OPEB Obligations Under …

Evaluating Pension/OPEB ObligationsUnder Standard & Poor s LocalGovernment GO CriteriaPrimary Credit Analyst:Katilyn Pulcher, ASA, CERA, Chicago (1) 312-233-7055; Contact:Jeffrey J Previdi, New York (1) 212-438-1796; Of ContentsMagnitudeTimeframeTrendsManageri al ActionsMarket Analysis Versus Credit Analysis: Standard & Poor's ViewNotesRelated Criteria And 19, 2013 11230417 | 300126912 Evaluating Pension/OPEB Obligations UnderStandard & Poor s Local Government GOCriteriaPension and other postemployment benefit ( opeb ) Obligations are measured Under many sets of assumptions andmethods and reported according to different sets of standards .

Evaluating Pension/OPEB Obligations Under Standard & Poor’s U.S. Local Government GO Criteria Pension and other postemployment benefit (OPEB) obligations are measured under many sets of assumptions and


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