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F4000 Distributed Fire Alarm System - Fire Detection

F4000 Distributed fire Alarm System The F4000 is an intelligent distrib- Easily Expanded Analogue addressable uted fire Alarm System , which A single F4000 FIP can monitor 508 Analogue addressable F4000 . supports both analogue addressable Alarm zone circuits, control 508 systems incorporate SMART SENSE. and conventional (collective) programmable outputs, and provide fire Alarm evaluation software to Detection . It features a cost-saving indication for up to 528 zones/ provide enhanced fire Detection responder loop design and powerful ancillaries. The standard master effectiveness, improved detector control programmability to handle cabinet is a compact 15U, 19 inch maintenance and a reduction in complex applications. rack type housing the LCD Firefighter unwanted alarms.

F4000 Distributed Fire Alarm System The F4000 is an intelligent distrib-uted fire alarm system, which supports both analogue addressable and conventional (collective)


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