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FG IP Mercury Equity Fund of Funds - firstglobal.co.za

FG IP Mercury Equity fund of Funds August 2016. Minimum Disclosure Document fund objective: To provide investors with diversified exposure to Income distribution dates: 15th working day in April & Oct (or the next the South African Equity market. The fund aims to business day if the 15th does not fall on a business achieve long term capital growth. day). ASISA Classification: South African Equity General Last two distributions: 30/09/15: cpu (A Class). Risk rating: High 31/03/16: cpu (A Class). Benchmark: FTSE/JSE All Share Index Total Return Valuation time of fund : 20:00. Launch date: 15 August 2005 Trading closing time: 14:30. Opening price: cents per unit fund size: R 422 943 246. Income declaration dates: 31 March and 30 September Trustee: Standard Bank of South Africa Why choose this fund About the Portfolio Manager The fund invests in a portfolio of collective investment schemes aimed at FIRSTGLOBAL Asset Management (FGAM) is a Multi-Manager specializing in outperforming the FTSE/JSE All Share Index over the long-term.

FG IP Mercury Equity Fund of Funds Continued Portfolio Manager’s Comment The FG IP Mercury Equity Fund of Funds returned +1.27% in August, outperforming both the benchmark FTSE/JSE All Share index and the peer group average which returned +0.27% and …


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