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Fisher 2052 Diaphragm Rotary Actuator - Emerson

2052 Diaphragm Rotary ActuatorFisher 2052 spring-and- Diaphragm Rotary actuators areused on Rotary -shaft valve bodies for throttling oron-off applications. The 2052 may be used forthrottling service with a positioner, or it may be usedfor on-off service without a positioner. The 2052 has anISO 5211 mating interface that allows installation tonon- Fisher valves. Refer to separate bulletins for valveand positioner Compact design, smaller actuators-- Ensuresreduced valve/ Actuator envelope dimensionsleading to greater mounting versatility for bothskids and process plants, where space is at Compatible with DVC2000, DVC6200, andDVC6000 digital valve controllers; and 3610J and3620J positioners-- The new Actuator allowslinkage-less feedback, via a contact-less magneticarray, from the lever to the end-mounted window mounting of the DVC6200,DVC6000, 3610J, and 3620J is also Clamped lever to reduce lost motion-- The clampingof the lever onto a splined valve shaft, coupled withthe single pivot linkage, reduces lost motionbetween the Actuator and the valve.

www.Fisher.com Fisher™ 2052 Diaphragm Rotary Actuator Fisher 2052 spring-and-diaphragm rotary actuators are used on rotary-shaft valve bodies for throttling or on-off applications.


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Transcription of Fisher 2052 Diaphragm Rotary Actuator - Emerson

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