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Overview Introduction To fine wine (2002) Gallo s Introduction To fine wine manual was developed to provide advanced product knowledge training for retail sales representatives after they have mastered the basics of their initial job assignment. In other words, this manual should be introduced to the trainee after he or she has demonstrated sales and merchandising proficiency and has become a successful Gallo sales representative (typically after approximately six months of successful sales experience). The manual is equally applicable to on-premise sales representatives (except, perhaps, for Chapter 11: The fine wine Retailer. ) However, since advanced fine wine product knowledge is essential to even early success as an on-premise sales professional, the manual should be introduced at a much earlier time in the trainee s initial training. Much of The Introduction To fine wine manual is very Gallo specific, that is, it provides a great deal of information about how fine wines are typically made at Gallo.

Introduction 1-3 Objectives After reading this chapter you should understand and be able to explain: • The purpose, objectives, and content of the Introduction To Fine Wine manual.


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