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Form MM2 (Madrid Agreement Concerning the …

MM2(E) June 2018 MM2(E) madrid Agreement AND PROTOCOL Concerning THE INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION OF MARKS APPLICATION FOR INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION GOVERNED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE madrid PROTOCOL (Rule 9 of the Common Regulations) IMPORTANT 1. This form must be used to file an international application under the madrid Protocol. 2. This form must be sent to the Office of origin. It must not be sent directly to the International Bureau. This cover page must not be sent to the International Bureau. madrid System Contacts madrid Customer Service opening hours: Monday Friday, 9:00 to 6:00 (Geneva time) Telephone: + 41 22 338 86 86 Inquiries / submitting forms: Mailing address madrid Operations Division madrid Registry Brands and Designs Sector World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 34, Chemin des Colombettes 1211 Geneva 20 Switzerland MM2(E) June 2018 MM2(E) APPLICATION FOR INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATION GOVERNED EXCLUSIVELY BY THE madrid PROTOCOL For use by the applicant This international application includes the following number of: continuation sheets: MM17 forms: Applicant s reference: For use by the Office Office s reference: CONTRACTING PARTY WHOSE OFFICE IS THE OFFICE OF ORIGIN APPLICANT (a) Name: (b) Address: (c) Address for correspondence: (d) Telephone : Fax: E-mail address: By

MM2(E), page 2 MM2(E) – June 2018 ENTITLEMENT TO FILE (a) Check the appropriate box: (i) where the Contracting Party mentioned in item 1 is a State, the applicant is a national of that State; or


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Transcription of Form MM2 (Madrid Agreement Concerning the …

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