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Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results …

Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results based ManagementGlossaire des principaux termes relatifs l valuation et la gestion ax e sur les r sultatsGlosario de los principales t rminos sobre evaluaci n y gesti n basada en resultadosThis publication was reprinted with a new cover in 2010. The original content remains 20021 Glossary OF KEY Terms IN EVALUATIONAND Results based MANAGEMENTGLOSSAIRE DES PRINCIPAUX TERMES RELATIFS L VALUATION ET LA GESTION AX E SUR LES R SULTATSGLOSARIO DE LOS PRINCIPALES T RMINOS SOBRE EVALUACI N Y GESTI N BASADA EN RESULTADOSG lossaireOCDE 20023 FOREWORDThe DAC Working Party on Aid Evaluation (WP-EV) has developed this Glossary of key Terms in Evaluation and Results -basedmanagement because of the need to clarify concepts and to reduce the terminological confusion frequently encountered in these is a field where development partners often with widely differing linguistic backgrounds work together and need to usea common vocabulary.

Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management Glossaire des principaux termes relatifs à l’évaluation et la gestion axée sur les résultats


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Transcription of Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results …

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