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GnuCash User Guide - Object Refinery

A user Guide for GnuCash Written by David Gilbert November 4, 2002. c 2002, Simba Management Limited. All rights reserved. You are permitted to copy and/or distribute this Acrobat PDF file, but changing it is not allowed. Contents 1 Introduction 4. What is GnuCash ? .. 4. This Document .. 4. Updates .. 4. Important Notice .. 4. Feedback .. 5. 2 More About GnuCash 6. The Gnome Project .. 6. GnuCash Development .. 6. The GnuCash Licence .. 6. Versions .. 6. Getting Support .. 7. Reporting Bugs .. 7. 3 Basic Accounting 9. Introduction .. 9. Accounts and Transactions .. 9.

• there is a bug in your version of GnuCash that is affecting you directly, and you know that the bug has been fixed in a more recent version of


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Transcription of GnuCash User Guide - Object Refinery

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