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Green Infrastructure : Smart Conservation for the 21st Century Infrastructure the substructure or underlying foundation on which the continuance and growth of a community or state depends . WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY. Mark A. Benedict, Edward T. McMahon, The Conservation Fund SP R AW L WATC H C L E A R I N G H O U S E M O N O G R A P H SE R I E S. SP R AW L WAT C H C L E A R I N G H O U S E M O N O G R A P H SE R I E S. Acknowledgements This monograph is derived from Modules 2 and 4 of the Participants Manual for the May 2001 pilot offering of the Conservation Leadership Network course, Green Infrastructure : A Strategic Approach to Land Conservation. Mark Benedict and Lydia Bjornlund drafted these pilot course modules in spring, 2001. The authors would like to acknowledge Ms Bjornlund as well as the members of the Green Infrastructure 101 design team who contributed to the development of these modules. The authors would also like to acknowledge the following previously published articles that preceded and contributed to Modules 2 and 4 and therefore to the content of this monograph: Edward T.

Green Infrastructure: Smart Conservation for the 21st Century Mark A. Benedict, Ph.D. Edward T. McMahon, J.D. The Conservation Fund “Infrastructure — the substructure or underlying foundation…on which


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