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Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes - imoa.info

Guide to Stainless Steel FinishesBuilding Series, Volume 1 Guide TO Stainless Steel FINISHESEuro InoxEuro Inox is the European market development associa-tion for Stainless members of Euro Inox include: European Stainless Steel producers National Stainless Steel development associations Development associations of the alloying prime objective of Euro Inox is to create awareness ofthe unique properties of Stainless steels and to furthertheir use in existing applications and in new markets. To assistthis purpose, Euro Inox organises conferencesand seminars, and issues guidance in printed form and electronic format, to enable architects, designers, specifiers, fabricators, and end users, to become more familiar with the material.

5 GUIDE TO STAINLESS STEEL FINISHES 2G A uniform uni-directional surface that has low reflectivity. The coarse finish restricts it to internal applications.


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Transcription of Guide to Stainless Steel Finishes - imoa.info

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