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Hawkesbury campus A1. Dam COLLEGE DRIVE. TAFE. M13. Dam P2 P1. CAMPUS DRIVE. FIRST AVENUE. R20. A12. A11b P3 M12 A14. D11. CASTLE ROAD A11a S37. P8. S38 S16 S20 A13. POST HARVEST ROAD M10a P24 S26 P4 A8. P25. S12 S25 M10 A7 A11 A2. P6 M11 M3. P5 M14 M4 D9 D7 A10 A6. S10 P12 H18 SEVENTH AVENUE A5. S27 H8 A14a Green Gate S7 H12 H5 D10. Houses A9. M16 M15 M2 H17. S9 A4 A1. H16. P11 H7 H3 D13. FAIRY CIRCLE P10 M8 H4 P13. D1. M1. P26 R8 P19 SCIENCE ROAD D12. P28 L11 BEEF CATTLE ROAD. R6 R4 P18 P15. R5. To Deer Unit, Dairy &. ORCHARD ROAD. S3 L9 L12 C27. S8 S2 G10 Earthcare Centre S4 P20. R3 R2. S5. BOURKE STREET. S1 R7. SIXTH AVENUE. S24 G7. P27 S14 Oval C17. L7 P17 G1. S15 P14 C16A. S13 S41. S30 P21. S19 C16. KEY. RESOURCES ROAD. S30a L4. R1 L3 G6. P14 R13. P33. L2. P16 Campus Safety & Security Office S17 SECOND AVENUE.

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