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HUMANE SCORECARD . Midterm report for the 116th Congress Preview version November 2019. Did your legislators make the grade? Look inside to see how your representative and senators scored in the first session of the 116th Congress on ani- mal issues ranging from a new federal anti-cruelty law to horse racing, trophy imports and disaster planning. Then let them know that you're watching and you appreciate their support for animals, or if they haven't been standing up for animals, that you'd like to see them do more. Also, share the HUMANE SCORECARD with family, friends, fellow advocates and local media outlets. How HSLF calculated scores Many animal protection issues never receive a recorded vote in Congress. Some are enacted by voice vote, and some languish. To accurately measure legislators' support, we count not just recorded votes but other meaningful ways they can help issues advance, such as co-sponsoring key bills and co-signing letters seeking increased enforcement of animal welfare laws.

Animal cruelty A indicates co-sponsorship of the Pre-venting Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act (S. 479) to strengthen the 2010 federal “crush video” law, which banned




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