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Intercity Public Transportation Information

Wisconsin Get-Around Guide Intercity Public Transportation Information March 2018. Guide is updated frequently and available at Includes route map, connection Information , and contacts New Daily BIncus Routes and Connections! Service Highlights: Duluth/Superior New Amtrak to Escanaba Thruway (MI) Indian Connections Trails Madison to Dubuque New Amtrak (IA)connections Thruway bus Lamers with Bus Lines Badger Bus Madison o to Green Enables Bay new Lamers Madison-Chicago Bus Lines connections with Badger Bus to Milwaukee Madison to andWausau Amtrak's Hiawatha Service Lamers to Chicago that together with Amtrak's Coach Bus Lines USA/Van Galder partnership provide 13 round-trips daily. Eau Claire to Duluth (MN) Jefferson Lines o Enables additional connections to the Empire Builder in Milwaukee New stop in Baraboo Jefferson Lines More Information and tickets are available at , Amt Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Transportation Investment Management Intercity Travel Routes Houghton Duluth A.

New Amtrak Thruway bus connections with Badger Bus o Enables new Madison-Chicago connections with Badger Bus to Milwaukee and Amtrak’s






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