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Investment Management: Portfolio Diversification, …

Investment management Portfolio Diversi cation, Risk, and Timing Fact and Fiction ROBERT L. HAGIN. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. More Praise for Investment management Makes serious learning fun again for any serious, contemporary investor.. Charles D. Ellis, Director Greenwich Associates With unusual clarity and originality, Bob Hagin exposes a variety of in- vestment myths that have long confounded experienced professionals as well as novice investors. The invaluable lessons offered in this entertaining book will serve you well again and again as you navigate the mysterious maze of investing.. Mark P. Kritzman, Managing Partner Windham Capital management Boston, LLC. Bob Hagin's investing insights are informative and refreshingly easy to di- gest. The elements of sound nancial decision making take shape as sources of awed Investment reasoning are exposed concisely and simply.

More Praise for Investment Management “Makes serious learning fun again for any serious, contemporary investor.” —Charles D. Ellis, Director


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