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ISO3086T Isolated 5-V RS-485 Transceiver With …

C212345678D1D2 VCC1 GND1 RREDEDVCC2 ABGND2 ZYC31614131211159, 10 OUTNCC6 INENGND51 LDO132C5C4D1D287654321C1X-FMRISO3086 TIsolated Supply toother ComponentsRS-485 BusInterfaceControlCircuitryProductFolde rSample &BuyTechnicalDocumentsTools &SoftwareSupport &CommunityReferenceDesignISO3086 TSLLSE27D JANUARY2011 REVISEDOCTOBER2015 ISO3086 TIsolated5-V RS-485 TransceiverWith IntegratedTransformerDriver1 Features3 DescriptionTheISO3086 Tis an isolateddifferentialline1 Meetsor ExceedsTIA/EIA-485-Atransceiverwithinteg ratedoscillatoroutputsthat SignalingRateup to 20 Mbpsprovidetheprimaryvoltageforanisolati on 1/8 Unit Load Up to 256 Nodeson a a full-duplexdifferentialline transceiverfor RS-485and RS-422applications ThermalShutdownProtectionthat can easilybe configuredfor

C2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 D1 D2 V CC1 GND1 R RE DE D V CC2 A B GND2 Z Y C3 16 14 13 12 11 15 9, 10 OUT NC C6 IN EN GND 5 1 LDO 1 3 2 …


  With, Transceiver, Rs 485 transceiver with




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Transcription of ISO3086T Isolated 5-V RS-485 Transceiver With …

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