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January 2015 - Monthly Update, Quest Diagnostics …

January 2015 - Monthly update , Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute, Valencia NEW TESTS. Please Note: Not all test codes assigned to each assay are listed in the table of contents. Please refer to the complete listing on the page numbers indicated. Test Code Test Name Effective Date Page #. 92670 HIV-1 RNA, Quantitative Real-Time PCR with Reflex to Coreceptor Tropism 1/12/ 2015 2. 95084 Aldosterone, LC/MS/MS, Adrenal Vein 2/9/ 2015 3. 92497 FISH, Myeloma, 17p-, rea 14q32 with Reflexes 2/9/ 2015 3. 92495 FISH, Myeloma, Chromosomes CEP 9, 11, 15 2/9/ 2015 4. TEST CHANGES.

92535 Mold Susceptibility, 5 Drug 13 19595 S51231 Hypoglycemic Panel, Serum/Plasma 2/2/2015 13 New Test Offerings The following tests will be available through Quest Diagnostics on the dates indicated below.


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