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Key for Route Maps E L O R L M E VA

E VAL. E VAL. M. The Friends of the River Frome' is LE. FRO. M. Y. committed to promoting and improving Key for Route Maps LE. Y. FRO. the Frome Valley for relaxation, W. AL A. KW. recreation and wildlife. A forum of local Y. groups, parish councils and other Frome Valley Walkway agencies meets regularly at different venues along Promoted Recreational paths Y. W. the river. AL A Local Paths If you have ideas or would like to raise an KW. Motorway issue please contact: FRIENDS OF. 0117 952 2141. THE RIVER FROME Road Railway Line Woodland Urban areas Public open space\countryside Cliff/quarry Railway Staion PH Public Houses Leisure Centres T. T Public Toilets Public Telephone Following the Frequent bus service to/from River Frome Bristol City Centre Other Bus Stops from the centre P Parking of Bristol to the KK ii ll o ommeettrreess Designed by Graphics & Mapping South Gloucestershire Council Tel 01454 863763.

F R O M E V A L L E Y W A LK W A Y Following the River Frome from the centre of Bristol to the Designed by Graphics & Mapping Cotswold Hills South Gloucestershire Council Tel 01454 863763


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Transcription of Key for Route Maps E L O R L M E VA

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