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CHAPTER FIVELAWS OF INTRODUCTIONIn the preceding Chapter, our concern was to describe themotion of a particle in space quantitatively. We saw thatuniform MOTION needs the concept of velocity alone whereasnon-uniform MOTION requires the concept of acceleration inaddition. So far, we have not asked the question as to whatgoverns the MOTION of bodies. In this chapter, we turn to thisbasic us first guess the answer based on our commonexperience. To move a football at rest, someone must kick throw a stone upwards, one has to give it an upwardpush. A breeze causes the branches of a tree to swing; astrong wind can even move heavy objects. A boat moves in aflowing river without anyone rowing it. Clearly, some externalagency is needed to provide force to move a body from , an external force is needed also to retard or stopmotion.

LAWS OF MOTION 91 In practice, the ball does come to a stop after moving a finite distance on the horizontal plane, because of the opposing force of friction which


  Laws, Motion, Laws of motion




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