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Lectures on Quantum Gravity and Black Holes

Lectures on Quantum Gravity and Black HolesThomas HartmanCornell UniversityPlease email corrections and suggestions to: are the lecture notes for a one-semester graduate course on blackholes and Quantum Gravity . We start with Black hole thermodynamics, Rindler space,Hawking radiation, Euclidean path integrals, and conserved quantities in General Rel-ativity. Next, we rediscover the AdS/CFT correspondence by scattering fields off near-extremal Black Holes . The final third of the course is on AdS/CFT, including correlationfunctions, Black hole thermodynamics, and entanglement entropy. The emphasis is onsemiclassical Gravity , so topics like string theory, D-branes, and super-Yang Mills arediscussed only very Physics 7661, Spring 2015 PrereqsThis course is aimed at graduate students who have taken 1-2 semesters ofgeneral relativity (including: classical Black Holes , Penrose diagrams, and the Einsteinaction) and 1-2 semesters of Quantum field theory (including: Feynman diagrams, pathintegrals, and gauge symmetry.)

1 The problem of quantum gravity These are lectures on quantum gravity. To start, we better understand clearly what problem we are trying to solve when we say ‘quantum gravity.’ At low energies, the classical action is S= 1 16ˇG N Z p g(R 2 + L matter) : (1.1) Why not just quantize this action? The answer of course is that it is not ...






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Transcription of Lectures on Quantum Gravity and Black Holes

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