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対マカオ輸出食肉取扱施設リスト List of Meat …

List of Meat Processing Establishment for the Export to Macau . Processing Establishment . Est..No. Competent ( ) Authority Name Address Type of Establishment 4268-1 . Miyachiku Corp. Ltd. Takasaki Plant 4268-1 Omuta, Takasaki-Cho, Slaughterhouse Miyazaki M-1 Miyakonojyo-Shi, Miyazaki, JAPAN Prefecture ( 01/10/09 ).. Cutting Plant 15530 . Miyachiku Corp. Ltd. Tsuno Plant 15530 Kawakita, Tsuno-cho, Koyu-gun, Slaughterhouse Miyazaki M-2 Miyazaki, JAPAN Prefecture ( 01/10/09 ).. Cutting Plant 1089-4 . Shiga Meat Center 1089-4 Chokojicho, Omihachiman city, Slaughterhouse Shiga S-1 Shiga, JAPAN Prefecture ( 01/10/09 ).. Cutting Plant . 1 10 Slaughterhouse . Akune Meat Distribution Center 10 1-chome Shiohama-cho, Akune-shi, Kagoshima K-3 Co., Ltd. Kagoshima, JAPAN Prefecture ( 01/10/09 ).. STARZEN MEAT PROCESSOR Cutting Plant Co.

株式会社JA食肉かごしま南薩工 鹿児島県南九州市知覧町南別府223 と畜場 鹿児島県 場61Slaughterhouse Kagoshima




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