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LTZ1000/LTZ1000A - Ultra Precision Reference

LTZ1000/LTZ1000A . Ultra Precision Reference Features Description n VP-P Noise The LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A are Ultra -stable temperature n 2 V/ kHr Long-Term Stability controllable references. They are designed to provide 7V. n Very Low Hysteresis outputs with temperature drifts of C, about n C Drift VP-P of noise and long-term stability of 2 V/ kHr. n Temperature Stabilized n 400 C/W Thermal Resistance for LTZ1000A Reduces Included on the chip is a subsurface zener Reference , a heater resistor for temperature stabilization, and a tem- Insulation Requirements n Specified for 55 C to 125 C Temperature Range perature sensing transistor. External circuitry is used to n Offered in TO-99 package set operating currents and to temperature stabilize the Reference .

L11 1 1 For more information www.linear.com/LTZ1000 Typical applicaTion FeaTures applicaTions DescripTion Ultra Precision Reference The LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A are ultra ...






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