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LVL User’s Guide T e ch nialD tf ... - West Fraser Timber

Technical Data for LVL Headers, Beams, Column Applications LVL User's Guide for Residential Floor and Roof Systems CANADIAN VERSION. Quality Products Committed Service OUR HISTORY. In 1955, three Ketcham brothers, Henry Jr., William, and Samuel, acquiring two sawmills in the south. A major acquisition occurred started West Fraser by acquiring a small lumber planing mill in in 2005 with the purchase of Weldwood of Canada. With this Quesnel, BC. Throughout the years, they continued to make various purchase, West Fraser entered the engineered wood business by sawmill acquisitions in the interior of British Columbia, which acquiring the world's first continuous laminated veneer lumber press.

A Word About LVL Grades LVL USER’S GUIDE 3 WEST FRASER TIMBER Product Line 4 Storage, Handling & Installation 4 3100Fb2.0E ™WEST FRASER LVL 5 1³⁄₄” AND 3¹⁄₂” THICK Design Properties 6 Factored Resistance Table 7 –8






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