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Managerial and Cost Accounting - library.ku.ac.ke

Managerial and cost Accounting Larry M. Walther Christopher J. Skousen Download free books at Managerial and cost Accounting 2009 Larry M. Walther, under nonexclusive license to Christopher J. Skousen &. Ventus Publishing ApS. All material in this publication is copyrighted, and the exclusive property of Larry M. Walther or his licensors (all rights reserved). ISBN 978-87-7681-491-5. Download free ebooks at 2. Managerial and cost Accounting Contents Contents Part 1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting 9. 1. Managerial Accounting 10. Professional Certifications in Management Accounting 10. 2. Planning, Directing, and Controlling 11. Decision Making 11. Planning 12. Strategy 13. Positioning 14. Budgets 16. Directing 16. costing 17. Production 19. Analysis 21. Controlling 22. Monitor 22. Scorecard 23. 3. cost Components 26.

Download free ebooks at bookboon.com Managerial and Cost Accounting 7 Contents 16. Job Costing in Service, Not For-Pro Þ t, and Governmental Environments


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