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Meet This Month’s Shining Stars: Tony and Jessica

Arizona N e w s f o r F o s t e r, K i n s h i p a n d A d o p t i v e F a m i l i e s A c r o s s A r i z o n a Meet This Month's Shining Stars: tony and Jessica tony is a talkative boy with a is also being bright smile! He loves to tell stories educated in and is learning to play with others. the home tony likes to play basketball, hike through and participate in family activities the district especially if Legos are involved. home-bound tony also enjoys listening to schooling program. music and pretending to be the lead singer. He is currently educated in the tony and home through the district home-bound Jessica need a two-parent schooling program. home that tony 's sister, Jessica , is a friendly can offer a child who has a beautiful smile! She consistent, is eager to learn and is very observant structured of her surroundings. Jessica loves to environment. draw and play with baby dolls, but her It is also favorite toys are ponies. She also likes important for to play catch.

News for Foster, Kinship and Adoptive Families Across Arizona Arizona êêShining Stars êê In This Issue... Shining Stars: Tony, Jessica and Douglas n 1 Department of Child Safety Formed n 2 Obituary: Flora Sotomayor n 2 Foster Parent Satisfaction Survey Initial


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