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Merry Christmas Crossword Puzzle - TheHolidayZone.com

The Holiday Christmas !ACROSS 1 The mother of Christ. 2 People often mail these to friendsand acquaintances. 5 Santa's home and workshop arelocated here. 6 Traditional red-and-white-stripedcandy. 8 Santa's A Christmas _____ If you _____ a live Christmastree, you must throw it out after A treat commonly left for They followed a star to find theChrist The night before Decorations commonly hung The color of Rudolph's _____ Kris A "door" for St. These electric decorations wereintroduced as a safe replacement forcandles on Christmas 1 Baby Jesus had this for a bed. 2 Naughty children may find a lumpof this in their stockings. 3 "not a creature was stirring, noteven a _____. 4 People who go door to door singingChristmas songs. 7 If you _____ a live Christmastree, you may plant it after the holidays. 9 Another word for These should be hung by thechimney with The animals that travel with Christmas Eve services are "I'm dreaming of a white_____.

Title: Merry Christmas Crossword Puzzle Author: Julie Vickery-Smith Subject: Christmas Puzzle Keywords: Christmas, X-mas, December, holidays, word search, puzzle ...


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Transcription of Merry Christmas Crossword Puzzle - TheHolidayZone.com

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