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MIOJ(Made In Occupied Japan 占領下日本製)の …

2014 3 . mioj made In Occupied Japan . 0022 . 1947 2 20 mioj . made In SCAPIN 1535 Marking of export . Occupied Japan articles 1979 . made in Occupied Japan 100 Occupied Japan Collectors Club . made IN Occupied . The Imperial Japanese Government is Japan . hereby directed to take immediate steps to . insure that every article prepared for export 16mm . after 15 days of receipt of this directive will . made In Occupied be marked, stamped, branded or labeled in . Japan legible English with the words made in.

2 「Rescinds SCAPIN 1535. Except as speci-fied, all articles prepared for export, the immediate container thereof and the outside package will be marked, branded or labeled


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Transcription of MIOJ(Made In Occupied Japan 占領下日本製)の …

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