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MITSUBISHI - Piston Rings

MITSUBISHIE ngineCylSet NumberLineApplicationModelBoreCCYearsChr omePlainNo ( d i e s e l )S6KT 6380S7093+ A70 FB501, FD511, Pajero ( diesel )4M40 2835S5188+63 Bus ( diesel )4D30 32981979C181668 Canter ( diesel )4D30 32981979C181668 Canter ( diesel )4D31T 3298S7138+69 Canter ( diesel )4D32 3567S7002+73 Canter ( diesel )4D33 4214S7137+74 Carisma4G16 1600C1842+31 Celeste 14004G12 141078-81C1417P141714 Celeste 26004G54 255583-85C1438P143856 Challenger4G54B 255579-83P195859 Chariot (Shallow Oil Ring Groove)4G63 199789-97C1947+41 Colt4G31 149969-74C1623P162315 Colt4G16 1600C1842+31 Colt 1000KE43 99763-67C1224P12246 Colt 1100KE44 108867-73C1170P11708 Colt 1200KE46 118969-73C1170P11709 Colt 14004G12 141080-82C1417P141714 Colt 1500KE45 149865-70C1372P137244 Colt 16004G32 159771-83C1298P129821 Colt 20004G63 19971980C1528P152845 Colt C14A ( diesel )4D65 1795C1945+26 Cordia4G62 17951983C1527P152728 Cordia (Turbo)4G62 179584-88C1645P164530 DebonairKE64 1991C1319P131925 Debonair4G54B 255579-83P195859 Debonair 20006G34 19941971C1596P159613 Debonair 26004G54 25551978C1438P143856 Diamante6G72 297291-96C184

MITSUBISHI Engine Cyl Set Number Line Application Model Bore CC Years Chrome Plain No ( D i e s e l ) S6KT 102.00 6380 S7093+ A 70 FB501, FD511, Pajero (Diesel


  Engine, Diesel, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi engine, D i e s e l




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Transcription of MITSUBISHI - Piston Rings

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