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Mycobacteriology Laboratory Manual - WHO

Global Laboratory initiative advancing TB diagnosis First Edition, April 2014A publication of the Global Laboratory Initiativea Working Group of the Stop TB PartnershipMycobacteriology Laboratory 111/04/2014 16:39 Mycobacteriology Laboratory ManualiThis document was developed to ensure high quality results and comparability of data from a network of international tuberculosis laboratories handling sputum specimens for Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development and Commercialization (OPDC)-sponsored multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) clinical trials for the development of Deltyba (delamanid). It consists of standardized procedures related to sputum collection, handling, analyses, and reporting, with a focus on testing that has the greatest impact on microbiology endpoints for MDR-TB clinical trials (sputum culture conversion in liquid and solid media).

Mycobacteriology Laboratory Manual ii Edita Pimkina, Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis Hospital Affi liate of Public institution …


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Transcription of Mycobacteriology Laboratory Manual - WHO

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