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PHYSICAL PROPERTIESSTANDARDUNITVALUES pecific GravityDIN 53479g/cm up to 70 CRHardness at 20 CDIN 53505 Shore A85 Water up to 90 CSTensile StrengthDIN 53504N/mm >17 HFA FluidsRElongation at breakDIN 53504%>155 HFB FluidsRModulus 100%DIN 53504N/mm FluidsRCompression set 22h / 70 CDIN 53517A%7 HFD FluidsUCompression set 22h / 100 CDIN 53485%9 Mineral OilsRVegetable OilsRFuelsRMin Service Temperature C-25 OzoneUMax Service Temperature C100 Air up to 100 CRAir up to 150 CUAir up to 200 CUMAIN APPLICATIONSKEY TO CHEMICAL RESISTANCES eals (Standard & special)R = ResistanceWipersS = SuitableO-RingsU = UnsuitableRotary sealsANALYSIS AND EVALUATIONF lange sealsGasketsCHEMICAL RESISTANCENBR - BlackGENERAL DETAILSM aterial data SheetDMR NBR is a black Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, commonly referred to as NBR, Nitrile or Buna. Good physical properties and chemical resistance to the most common hydraulic fluids makes NBR an excellent sealing material.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES STANDARD UNIT VALUE Specific Gravity DIN 53479 g/cm³ 1.32 Water up to 70°C R Hardness at 20°C DIN 53505 Shore A 85 Water up to 90°C S Tensile Strength DIN 53504 N/mm² >17 HFA Fluids R


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Transcription of NBR DATA SHEET

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