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NE12-LIST - NescoCanada.com

NE12-LIST NET Price List Schedule Effective Date: 08/01/10 Roughing-in Products EMT, Rigid, Aluminum conduit & Fittings Grounding Accessories conduit Bodies Explosion-Proof Fittings Signaling & Switches Weatherproof Products Flexible Conduits PVC, DBII, ENT conduit and Fittings Replaces: NE11 WE VE GOT YOU COVERED 216 Wilkinson Rd., Brampton, ON L6T 4M4 Tel:(905) 793-2218 TF:(866)446-3726 Fax:(905) 793-2268 NESCO is a Canadian Corporation that manufactures and distributes electrical conduits and fittings to Electrical Wholesalers across Canada.

Table of Contents Section Product Description Page Number Roughing-in Products 13 to 64 Conduit Bodies 65 to 71 Explosion Proof Fittings 73 to …


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