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of Field Parameters - Pure Water Forum

William G. Maddox p y g Environmental Specialist II, Valley Regional Office Department of Environmental Quality 4411 Early Road, Harrisonburg, Virginia Office: 540 574 7831. Office: 540 574 7831, FAX: 540. FAX: 540 574 7878. 574 7878. Web: M il P O B Mail: Box 3000, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801. H i b Vi i i 8. List of Field Parameters Dissolved Oxygen pH. Total and Free Residual Chlorine Temperature (Turbidity not a common effluent limitation.). Note: Flow rate is a measurement, though not obtained using a Water sample analysis. It is an effluent bt i d i t l l i It i ffl t discharge characteristic or parameter.

Field Test –Be Aware of Individual Variables Example ‐a simple contact sensor like a thermistor for temperature (or liquid in glass or thermocouples


  Contact, Parameters




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Transcription of of Field Parameters - Pure Water Forum

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