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OPINIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT AND COURT OF APPEALS OF SOUTH carolina ADVANCE SHEET NO. 6 February 9, 2022 Patricia A. Howard, Clerk Columbia, South carolina 1 CONTENTS THE SUPREME COURT OF SOUTH carolina PUBLISHED OPINIONS AND ORDERS 28082 In the Matter of Charles Thomas Brooks, III 12 28083 In the Matter of David Alan Harley 17 Order Re: Amendment to South carolina Bar Constitution 22 Order In the Matter of Ralph James Wilson, Jr. 23 Order In the Matter of Lawrence J. Purvis, Jr. 24 UNPUBLISHED OPINIONS 2022-MO-002 Hubert Brown v. The State (York County, Judge Frank R. Addy, Jr.) PETITIONS - UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT 2020-000919 Sharon Brown v.

PETITIONS – SUPREME COURT OF SOUTH CAROLINA 5588 – Brad Walbeck v. The I'On Company Pending 5691 – Eugene Walpole v. Charleston Cty. Pending 5731 – Jericho State v. Chicago Title Insurance Pending 5738 – The Kitchen …


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