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P A R K I N G & V A L E T R A T E S - Jack London Square

55 Harrison StreetMarket LawnParkingParkingKincaid sScott sPlankRegal CinemasLungomareWate rfr ont Hote l70 Washington StreetPort of Oakland530 Water Street10 Clay StreetYoshi s Jazz ClubParking GarageHavenOA K L A N D ES T UA RYC L AY S T R EETWA S H I N G T O N S T R E E TB R O A D WAY S T R E E TF R A N K L I N S T R EETWE B S T E R S T R EETHARRIS O N S T R E E TS E C OND S T R E E TS E C OND S T R E E TE MB A R C A D E R O S T R EETE MB A R C A D E R O S T R EETWAT E R S T R EETF erry LawnAmtrakStationBroadway StageP E D E S T R IAN BRIDGEF orgeBocanovaMietteLights hip ReliefUSS PotomacCelebrations on the BayA L I CE S T R E E TParkingIl PescatoreBevMo!BevMo!ParkingHeinold sSubwayBen & Jerry sPlay Area66 Frankl inStreetFuel DockVisit Oakland InfoHahn s HibachiFerry LandingJack sRosenblumCellarsUnited NationsFlagCafe14531-A1-B2-C(Hotel Only)Public Pavilion22 Covered Parking - 1,086 SpacesHOURS OF OPERATION:Open 24 hours VALIDATED RATES:1st Hour $.

55 Harrison Street Market Lawn Parking Parking Kincaid’s Scott’s Plank Regal Cinemas Lungomare Waterfront Hotel 70 Washington Street Port of Oakland


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Transcription of P A R K I N G & V A L E T R A T E S - Jack London Square

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