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Pastoral Care Handbook - Knox Centre

Pastoral care Handbook Graham Redding October 2012. Pastoral care Handbook Contents 2. The cure of souls .. 3. Dimensions of Pastoral care .. 4. Worship .. 4. Prayer .. 6. Healing .. 8. Hospitality .. 12. care .. 13. Counselling .. 15. Faith 16. Discipline .. 19. A Code of Conduct .. 20. Contexts of Pastoral 22. Routine parish 22. Relationship counselling .. 23. Premarital counselling .. 24. Marriage 27. Divorce counselling .. 29. Ministering to those who grieve and mourn .. 33. Crisis intervention .. 36. Ministry to the mentally ill .. 39. Ministry to the elderly .. 40. Ministering to those who pose a risk to church and community.

Pastoral Care Handbook 4 It is important to note, however, that a clear and distinctive focus for pastoral care does not constitute a boundary or limit of care.Although the ministry of pastoral care is inherent in the act of baptism, impelling Christians to care for one another as sisters and brothers in Christ, their duty of


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Transcription of Pastoral Care Handbook - Knox Centre

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