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Plan Downtown CONVERGING

plan Downtown CONVERGING . Culture, Lifestyle & Commerce Setting the Stage Shea Street Building, University of Houston Downtown opened Buffalo Bayou plan Buffalo Bayou Partnership formed Discovery Green opened Phase 1 of Sesquicentennial Park opened Central Houston, Costwold project ground breaking Market Square Park re-opened Inc. formed Five new office Downtown Public Safety Guide program launched towers open Houston Downtown Management Corporation (HDMC) created Downtown Historic District created Main Street Master plan announced Allen's Landing Park ground breaking Purple and Green METRORail lines begin service Downtown Public Improvement District created Minute Maid Park opened Downtown /EaDo Livable Centers Study Street Teams program begins Houston Downtown Mixed-Use Retail Core plan GRB Convention Center 2025 Master plan 1994 Downtown plan Street reconstruction at peak level Hobby Cent

2 AN ONTON 3 DOWNTOWN IS HOUSTON’S GREATEST PLACE TO BE 1: Enhance and expand Downtown’s activities and attractions. 2: Create Downtown’s Green Loop.


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