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Plastic Recycling Fact Sheet - Europa

EuRIC AISBL Recycling : Bridging Circular Economy & Climate PolicyPlastic Recycling FactsheetIntroductionMoving towards a circular economy for plastics 2 How to further promote plastics Recycling in Europe European targets for Plastic waste Recycling How to further enhance plastics Recycling in Europe 18 to promote the shift towards a circular economy Plastics and its uses Commodity plastics Plastics for packaging Engineering plastics Plastics from construction and demolition Bio-plastics 11 Plastics Recycling Industry Current status and The plastics Recycling process Environmental benefits Economic importance International trade 1601020304 EuRIC AISBL Recycling : Bridging Circular Economy & Climate PolicyMain challenges to increase plastics Recycling capacity across Europe Need for recycled content targets to pull end-mar-kets for recycled plastics.

resistance, electrical insulation, friction and wear resistance, and excellent surface finishes. Types of engineering plastics17,18,19,20 8 EuRIC - Plastic Recycling Factsheet Reducing vehicle weight by 10% (i.e., around 0.1 tonnes), improves fuel efficiency by 6-8%, and reduces GHG emissions


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Transcription of Plastic Recycling Fact Sheet - Europa

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