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Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe Based on ASTM A53 …

PressureRatingsofSteelPipeBasedonASTMA53 GradeB orA106 GradeB , ,2002~160420015, ,0002~ theflowrateis100gpmina2"extrastrongline, theshockpressurecreatedbywaterhammeris 100x ; 'workingpressureis , ,Section3, (a),25(t-C)D-2y(t-C)whereP= (gauge)S= outsidediameterininchest=designthickness ininches,or121/2%lessthanthenominalthick nessshowninthetableC=allowanceininchesfo rcorrosion~d/ormechanicalstrength(C== "hasbeenusedaboveforallpipesizes)y=a coefficienthavingvaluesforfeirriticsteel s, =25tODWhereP=S=OD=t=internalburstpressur e,psigallowablestress(60,000psioutsidedi ameteroftubeininchesnominalwallthickness Theallowableworkingstresseswereobtainedf romtheCodeforPressurePiping, , notcoveredbytheCodeforPressurePiping,but it is currentpracticetousestressescomparablewi ththosegivenforRefineryandOilTransportat ionPiping, : extrastronginthissize. schedulenumberinthissize!)

Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe Based on ASTM A53 Grade B or A106 Grade B Seamless ANSI 831.1, 1977 with allowances for connections and fittings reduces these working pressures approx. 25% PIPE PRESSURE-PSIWATER


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Transcription of Pressure Ratings of Steel Pipe Based on ASTM A53 …

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