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Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Forklifts

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Forklifts Success strategies for electric and fuel-driven forklift fleets SHARP. Safety & Health Assessment &. Research for Prevention . Contents Page 1. Carbon Monoxide (CO) 2. What are the toxic effects?.. 2. What sources generate CO?.. 2. Why is it dangerous to use fuel-driven Forklifts indoors?.. 3. Economic Impact of Carbon Monoxide (CO) 5. Cost of CO workers' compensation claims in Washington 5. Be aware! CO claims were reviewed and the following factors were commonly associated with CO Poisoning caused by 5. Controlled atmosphere storage 6. Economic impact case 7. CO Prevention Strategies You Need to 11. Strategy 1. Electric Forklifts Facts & Company 13. Key points to consider with electric Battery life and Battery Using electric Forklifts : Two company Large company - Profile # Medium-size company - Profile # Strategy 2.

1 Introduction Introduction Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from internal combustion forklifts is common in Washington State. This document illustrates the health …




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