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Price List 2012 - Air Supplies™ UK

Price List 2012 . n Reciprocating Compressors n Rotary Screw Compressors n Air Compressor Ancillaries n Specialist Air Compressors n Compressed Air Treatment n High pressure air compressors n Accessories Tel: 01869 326226. ABAC UK, Unit 11, Granville Way, Chaucer Business Park, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Fax: 01869 326216 e-mail: Compressed air at your service The UK's leading supplier of compressed air technology ABAC UK offers specialist compressed air products that benefit from over 50 years of technological development. With our unrivalled experience in the development of modern air compressor design, ABAC bring to you the most comprehensive range of compressed air equipment.

Tel: 01869 326226 Fax: 01869 326216 abac.enquiries@abac.co.uk www.abacaircompressors.com 1 E & O E All prices are sterling pounds (£) PRiCe LiST 2012


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