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Process Mapping and Process-Based Internal Audits PJR

Process Mapping and Process - based Internal AuditsPresented by Shannon Craddock ofPerry Johnson Registrars, 21, 2011 Today s TopicsToday s Topics Why Are We Doing This? Process Terminology Process Mapping Symbols Different Ways to Visualize a Process Bakeries: A Practical Example Process Approach to AuditingWhy Are We Doing This?Why Are We Doing This? Outcomes should matter to certified organizations and to bodies, such as PJR, offering accredited certification. Some organizations get certified because of customer mandates or to fly the flag. There is a push for certification bodies to not just look for conformity to requirements but for clear measures of true Process improvement.

Process Mapping and Process-Based Internal Audits Presented by Shannon Craddock of Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. September 21, 2011


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Transcription of Process Mapping and Process-Based Internal Audits PJR

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