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Product Range Grolman, s.r.o.

Product Range grolman , Czech Republic grolman , Olomouck 89 CZ-62700 Brno Phone: +420 251 553 233 Fax: +420 251 553 723. E-Mail: Version 03/2011. Anti Corrosion Pigments Anti Corrosion Pigments CV Additives Sartomer ..4. Dicyandiamide Imidazole Imidazole Shikoku ..5. Microspheres Momentive ..5. Optical brighteners Optical brighteners Oxo-biodegradation masterbatches ..6. Plastic Additives Chemax ..6. Polyamides Release Coatings Silanes Momentive ..7. Silicone Masterbach Silicone Surfactants Momentive ..8. Binders ..9. CV Acrylic CV Alkyd CV Gelkyd ..9. CV Polyamide CV Polyester Resin.

Page: 5 / 17 Additives Imidazole China Producer Grolman Group Trade name Imidazol Description Imidazol is a range of imidazole curing agents for use with epoxy resins


  Rinses, Grolman




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