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Proposed Forex Risk Management Policy For India …

Proposed Forex Risk Management PolicyForIndia Glycols Limited Table of ContentsRATIONALE FOR THIS FACED BY Translation Transaction TYPES OF Forex RISK ..4 ORGANIZATIONAL of and objective of for Hedging Instruments permitted as per IGL s Risk Management to a of Local Foreign Currency amount for hedges without procedure for a hedging Tree for a Hedging MAPPING ..14 Actual & Booked & Booked HEDGING INSTRUMENTS ..20 DECISION TREE FOR A HEDGING Risk Management PolicyRATIONALE FOR THIS DOCUMENTI ndia Glycols Ltd. (IGL) having exposures on account of exports, imports, income and expenditure in one or more foreign currencies is affected by currency movements, interest rate movements etc.

ORGANIZATIONAL FLOW For the purpose of the forex operations the organizational hierarchy levels would be The constitution and functions of each of the hierarchy levels would be defined as below:


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Transcription of Proposed Forex Risk Management Policy For India …

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