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Publication 910:6/18:NAICS Codes for Principal …

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and HuntingCrop Production111100 Oilseed & Grain Farming111200 Vegetable & Melon Farming 111300 Fruit & Tree Nut Farming111400 Greenhouse, Nursery, & Floriculture Production111900 Other Crop FarmingAnimal Production112100 Cattle Ranching & Farming112200 Hog & Pig Farming112300 Poultry & Egg Production112400 Sheep & Goat Farming112500 Aquaculture112900 Other Animal ProductionForestry and Logging113100 Timber Tract Operations113200 Forest Nurseries & Gathering of Forest Products113300 LoggingFishing, Hunting and Trapping114100 Fishing114200 Hunting & TrappingSupport Activities for Agriculture and Forestry115100 Support Activities for Crop Production 115200 Support Activities for Animal Production115300 Support Activities for ForestryMining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction211100 Oil & Gas Extraction212100 Coal Mining212200 Metal Ore Mining212310 Stone Mining & Quarrying 212320 Sand, Gravel, Clay, & Ceramic & Refractory Minerals Mining & Quarrying212390 Other Nonmetallic Mineral Mining & Quarrying213100 Support Activities for MiningUtilities221111 Hydroelectric Power Generation221112 Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation221113 Nuclear Electric Power Generation221114 Solar Electric Power Generation221115 Wind Electric Power Generation221116 Geothermal Electric Power Generation221117 Biomass Electric Power Generation221118 Other Electric Power Generation221120 Electric Pow

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting Crop Production 111100 Oilseed & Grain Farming 111200 Vegetable & Melon Farming 111300 Fruit & Tree Nut Farming


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Transcription of Publication 910:6/18:NAICS Codes for Principal …

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