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No Purchase details : Price: Required Total Notes: Price: FREWZA F14 Fisher Hull $ Mudgway Trailer $ Inc Tie Downs Outboard Required : Inc: Flag, Tote 40hp mercury Two Stroke $ Tank, Outboard $ Fit Up, Marine 40hp mercury Four Stroke Grade Battery, 40hp Honda Four Stroke $ Battery Box, Isolation Switch STANDARD FEATURES INC: * Hull thickness 3mm * Tube thickness * Internal Beam 1200. * External Beam 1750. * Deadrise 16 degrees at transom *LOA * Marine Grade Alloy * Safe Loading 4 adults * Fairlead * Bow Rail * Transom Cleats * Towing Eye * Heavy Duty Aluminium Bollard * Canti-lever seating * Steering * Anchor Bin * Windscreen * High Sides * Raised Transom * Boarding Step/Platform * Transducer Bracket * Walk Around Side Steps * Two Rod Holders * Graphics * Removable Bait Table * Switch Panel * Bilge Pump * Nav Lights * Anchor Light OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Rod Holders $ Drink Holders $ Grab Rails $ Rocket Launcher $ Keel Strip $ Upgrade to 4mm Hull $ Rear Bench Seat - Aluminium $ Bollard $ Large Bow Rail $ Lockable Glove Box $ Tube Matting Fitted $ Aux Bracket $ Graphic Name $ Colour and Font of your choice Spare Wheel $ Spare Wheel and Bracket $ Road Cover $ Day Cover $ Anchor Kit includes: Anchor, 2m 6mm $ Chain, 30m 8mm Rope Upgrade to Walk Thru Windscreen $ Electronics.

Purchase Details: No Price: Required Total Price: Notes: FREWZA F14 Fisher Hull $9200.00 Mudgway Trailer $2790.00 Inc Tie Downs Outboard Required: 40hp Mercury


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