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Rational and Irrational Beliefs - Evol. Biol

Rational and Irrational BeliefsThis page intentionally left blank Rational andIrrational BeliefsResearch, Theory, and ClinicalPracticeEdited byDaniel David,Steven Jay Lynn, and Albert Ellis120101 Oxford University Press, Inc., publishes works that furtherOxford University s objective of excellencein research, scholarship, and New YorkAuckland Cape Town Dar es Salaam Hong Kong KarachiKuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City NairobiNew Delhi Shanghai Taipei TorontoWith offices inArgentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France GreeceGuatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal SingaporeSouth Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine VietnamCopyright 2010, by Oxford University Press, by Oxford University Press, Madison Avenue, New York.

Rational and Irrational Beliefs Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice Edited byDaniel David, Steven Jay Lynn, and Albert Ellis 1 2010


  Rational, Belief, Irrational, Rational and irrational beliefs




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Transcription of Rational and Irrational Beliefs - Evol. Biol

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