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Rialto SI Fusion System - Medtronic

REIMBURSEMENT. OSTEOCOOL RF ABLATION System AND BONE ACCESS KITS. SUBHEAD. GUIDE. Rialto SI Fusion System Device Description PHYSICIAN. The Rialto Sacroiliac Fusion System consists of cannulated, fenestrated devices to provide stabilization when Fusion REIMBURSEMENT. of the sacroiliac joint is desired. The devices are offered in various lengths to accommodate patient anatomy. Autograft Physicians use Current Procedural Terminology (CPT ) codes and/or allograft such as Grafton Demineralized Bone Matrix to report all of their services. These codes are uniformly (DBM) Putty may be placed in conjunction with the Rialto SI accepted by all payers. Medicare and most indemnity insurers Fusion System . One, two, or three devices may be implanted use a fee schedule to pay physicians for their professional via a minimally invasive approach at the surgeon's discretion. services, assigning a payment amount to each CPT code. Under Medicare's Resource-Based Relative Value Scale Indications for Use (RBRVS) methodology for physician payment, each CPT.

OSTEOCOOL RF ABLATION SYSTEM AND BONE ACCESS ITS SUBHEADREIMBURSEMENT. GUIDE. Rialto ™ SI Fusion System. Device Description. The Rialto Sacroiliac Fusion System consists of cannulated,


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Transcription of Rialto SI Fusion System - Medtronic

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