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Scout Engineering - Pioneering Projects

1 ScoutEngineeringSCOUT ENGINEERING2 Getting startedPioneering or Scout Engineering refers tothe work of military engineers who wentahead of the army on foot, to buildbridges, roads and to generally preparethe got there first, often in thewilderness, and had to make do withwhat they could find, or carry. With axesand ropes they worked wonders andcreated many functional Scouting we carry on this tradition as itprovides Patrols with a challenge and anopportunity to develop as a team andachieve something building it is necessary to have anunderstanding of the skills involved aswell as enthusiam. Firstly, it isnecessary to know how to tie therequired knots and lashings, secondly,you must have spars or poles fromwhich to build your project.

SCOUT ENGINEERING 2 Getting started Pioneering or Scout engineering refers to the work of military engineers who went ahead of the army on foot, to build


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Transcription of Scout Engineering - Pioneering Projects

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